Most of the enchanting animals arrived to this archipelago on ocean currents evolving into unique endemic species. Explorers, scientists, biologists throughout history and today have been inspired by these fauna and flora to learn more about this diverse piece of paradise known as the Galápagos Islands and the Enchanted Islands.

As a certified naturalist guide level III, I have been fortunate to work in this National Park for over twenty two years. Thanks to my expertise and knowledge of the wildlife, I am in the position to offer unique Expeditions to bring you the most enjoyable holidays. Our superior knowledge and intimate sightings of all the amazing species here in these islands will assure you of the ultimate experience. Participate in programs with giant tortoises and helping to create environmental education for the local people and communities.

Every night our groups will be given lectures about unique science subjects like Geology, Evolution, Marine Life, Conservation, Giant Tortoises and Reptiles, Whales and Dolphins and our specialty, the Birds of Galápagos Islands.

Samuel Quiroz
Galapagos Prestige Travel