NEWSLETTER by Galapagos Prestige Travel


The Conservation at the Galapagos Islands will bring us regularly a newsletter which is going to involve what we are doing right now , as far as  Covid is concerned. There are “filters” at the airports in Guayaquil, in Quito but also “filters” in Baltra , in San Cristobal  and every single port has its own “filter” from its local government. We are very keen about working safety for every single person. Other than that, we need to remind everybody that THERE IS NO COVID – let us please repeat  THERE IS NOT COVID in Galapagos , on the Islands belonging to the National Park. And that represents about 98 % of the total territory of The Galapagos Islands.

So that’s’ fantastic news ! Other than that, please note 40 000 Pfizer vaccines have been provided to the local community in Galapagos. Today we are keen about the future of our Islands because we have very new frontiers and new kind of clients coming to Galapagos , certainly because we are probably one of the top 3 destinations at the America’s side. We want to say we are part of the top 5 or even of the top 10 best parts of the world on the whole planet to be visited because of the importance of nature and thanks to its international interest. At the same time, we want to express very clearly that Galapagos and its authorities are going to launch a new way, which is going to be very strict about the use of permits, the use of new places to be open and it will happen in very conservative way which is very important for Galapagos Islands – even much more than it was  before.

We assure you that Galapagos is a safe destination as the islands are extremely isolated,  the number of visitors is limited and we have one of the most well preserved ecosystem in the world !